How to Find More Knowledge and Useful Infos
How to Find More Knowledge and Useful Infos

How to Find More Knowledge and Useful Infos

做啥啥不行,土味英语第一名 😀

The more infos rushes to our workbench, the less concentration makes sense.

If let it flows, eventually we will be rushed away.

Filters Will Help. 合理使用筛选

Information Providers will give you capital-favored push. If we want more efficient infos, there are some practicable advices.

Refuse Short Video 拒绝短视频「学习」

Short videos are addictive and comparatively low value. Although it can guide you of some interesting directions, waste time on these parts is wasting life.

Select Efficient Search Engines 选择有效的搜索引擎

Some general search engines may not work as you want although providing appropriate search requests. Change to Google is a good idea.

However, if you want typical knowledge, such as experimental data, industrial information, the best choice is remembering useful sites you have been used. These sites may contain databases, Q&A communities, official support sites or personal blogs. Besides using built-in search function, we can search on general engines with site-name keywords for more wisely data sorting.

If these sites often appear on our requested results, It will help to add them to bookmarks, or subscribe them.

RSS Feeds Never Die 再度关注 RSS 订阅

Special offers need typical feeds. If you want more control on personal data flows, RSS will always be there for you.

Using 3rd party services (such as RSSHub( will help you subscribe sites without traditional RSS/Atom feeds. In addition, keyword filter will boost your mail/messages time.

After Receiving Messages 在获得数据之后

Everyone may forget, but the notebook or notebook software will prevent you to search or receive over and over again. Record what you have learned, and the backup messages can save your life.


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